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Beautiful Hexagonal Crystal feature pendant necklace.
-Gold plated choker style double necklace.
-5 different high-quality crystal pendants to choose from (Rose Quartz, Amythest, Emerald, Midnight Black, Pearly White)
-Each necklace has a clasp with an extender to match your adjustment.
-There may be natural color variations in the pendant as all are handmade and unique in composition.
-Each order is carefully and gently packaged

Rose Quartz- promotes self-love, comfort, and harmony
Amythest- Promotes cleansing of negative influences and purification and restful sleep
Emerald-Promotes true love, hope, and growth
Faux/Selenite Pearl White-Promotes concentration, memory and stimulate the immune
Onyx Midnight Balck-Promotes protection, safety, and security

Chocker length-14 inches and longer chain is 16 inches.

Quartz Hexagonal Crystal Double Layered Necklace

19,99$ Prix original
13,99$Prix promotionnel
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